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Life is demanding and these days keeping up with the everyday necessary tasks have become very difficult. Hiring a cleaning service will clean your space quickly and efficiently at an affordable price. There are many things in this world competing for your time and energy, don't let cleaning be one of them!

 New View Cleaning Services LLC offers residential & commercial cleaning in Rochester N.Y. and to the surrounding area. We present high quality, reliable cleaning as well as we are insured and bonded. New View Cleaning Services  would like to work with you to keep a healthy and clean living environment as well as keeping your business neat and clean at all times.  

Establishing trust takes time but most essential to build with clients. We take into consideration each clients individual needs, after all people are unique and have different requirements and face different challenges. 

At New View Cleaning Services, we believe with continuous communication, mutual respect and 

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we will exceed your expectations!   


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 Arriving at your clean home will give you an overall feeling of accomplishment and set you up for relaxation



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A clean and neat work environment looks appealing and more importantly welcoming to any potential clients